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Speed Safe+y F710S-N95 (NIOSH approved)
Speed Safe+y F710S-N95 (NIOSH approved)
Speed Safe+y F710S-N95 (NIOSH approved)
(20 pcs)
Face Mask

Disposable particulate Respirator
95% filter efficiency level
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N95 - Particulate Filter (95% filter efficiency level) effective against particulate aerosols free of oil; time use limitations may apply.

Cautions and Limitations
A - Not for use in atmosphere containing less than 19.5 percent oxygen.
B - Not for use in atmosphere immediately dangerous to life or health.
C - Do not exceed maximum use concentrations established by regulatory standards.
J - Failure to properly use and maintain this product could result in injury or death.
M - All approved respirators shall be selected, fitted, used and maintained in accordance with MSHA, OSHA and other applicable regulations.
N -  Never substitute, modify, add, or omit parts. Use only exact replacement parts in the configuration as specified by the manufacturer.
O - Refer ti User's Instructions, and/or maintenance manuals for information on use and maintenance of these respirators.
P - NIOSH does not evalute respirators for use as surgical masks.

1. Failure to properly select the appropriate respirator for all the contaminants and their concentrations against which protection is required, or a failure to follow either these Warnings and the Instructions for Use, or the Cautions and Limitations contained within the NIOSH Approval Label on the other panel of this box, will result in exposure to the hazardous materials and the risk of serious injury, illness or death.
2. Do Not use this respirator under any of the following conditions
a) For protection against Arsenic, Asbestors or Lead in any concentration.
b) For protection against gases or vapors; against unknown contaminants; or against any contaminant whose concentration is unknown.
c) While performing or observing abrasive blasting (sandblasting) operations, or for the fire fighting.
d) In confined spaces such as tanks, small rooms, tunnels or vessels, unless the confined space is well ventilated and the concentration of toxic contaminants is known to be, and will continue to be, below the Maximum Use Concentration recommended for this respirator.
e) When conditions prevent a good facepiece to face seal. For example
i) the growth of beards, mustaches or sideburns which will pass between the facepiece sealing area and the face;
ii) the use of spectacles, goggles or other devices which interfere with the respirator;
iii) the use of head or face coverings which contain materials which will pass between the facepiece sealing area and the face; and
iv) missing teeth or dentures, facial deformities or deep scars.
3. Immediately leave the contaminated area if
a) breathing becomes difficult;
b) dizziness or other distress occurs;
c) you smell, taste or sense irritation from the contaminants; or
d) the respirator becomes damaged.
4. Any air purifying respirator, when properly selected and fitted, will significantly reduce, but will not completely eliminate, the breathing of contaminant(s) by the respirator wearer. You will obtain better protection from a supplied air respirator.

To Put On This Respirator
1. Hold the respirator in your hand with the metal adjusting strip away from you, allowing the headbands to hand below your hands.
2. Press the respirator firmly against your face with the narrow end on the bridge of your nose.
3. Pull the top strap over your head and position it high on the back of your head. Pull the bottom strap over your head and position it below your ears.
4. Using both hands, mold the metal strip to the shape of your nose.
5. Chek the facepiece-to-face seal by cupping both hands over the respirator and exhale vigorously. If air escapes around your nose, reform the mental strip. If air escapes around the edges, reposition the straps. Repeat as necessary until no air escapes, and you have obtained a satisfactory seal.

Time Use Limitations
The use and reuse of this respirator is subject to considerations of hygiene, damage and increased breathing resistance. For dirty workplaces, service time should not be extended beyond 8 total hours of use.


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