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Dr. P (M size adult diapers)
Dr. P (M size adult diapers)

Dr. P Basic (adult diapers)
(M size - 10pcs)


Antibiosis & Deodorization added Wetness Indicator

Product Code: A10328
Yum Price: S$ 5.90
Market Price : S$ 8.90
Saving: S$ 3.00

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Hip size:
M: 81-111cm, 32-44 inch
L: 101-139cm, 40-55 inch


High Speed O Channel
- With the linking channels design, running liquid spread faster than before.


Wetness Indicator
- Only at a glance you have known if the Dr. P diaper should be changed. To maintain the healthy skin, an appropriate changing routine should be followed.


The method of lie-down:
1. Let the patient lie on the side. Open the Dr. P diaper and make the hind tape upward. Open the further left or right side to the patient
2. Let the patient turn to the other side, then open the other side of the Dr. P diaper.
3. Let the patient lie on the back, then pull the front side to the belly. Fasten the tapes to the correct area. Adjust the flexible pleats to make a better fit.


Point for your attention:
Please change Dr. P diapers at the appropriate time. So the patient can keep clean and dry skin.
Do not let the tape get in touch with the skin or body powder.


Handling after use:
after using a disposable Dr. P diaper, please dispose of feces in the toilet, be careful not to drop the Dr. P diaper into the toilet bowl, afterwards, it can be disposed of as flammable garbage. Do not litter, keep the environment clean.


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