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Hansaplast Water Resistant
Hansaplast Water Resistant

Hansaplast Water-Resistant


Easy removal
Good adhesion
Water and dirt repellent
Product Code: A10393
Yum Price: S$ 1.30
Market Price : S$ 1.60
Saving: S$ 0.30

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The water-resistant strips that reliably protect the wound. Ideal for use in household, hobby and garden. Apply to clean, dry skin. Change dressing daily.

Company Profile:
In 1882, pharmacist Paul C. Beiersdorf in cooperation with dermatologist Paul Gerson Unna first patented an adhesive-coated plaster. The so called `gutta-percha´ plaster gauze was ready-made, of reliable adhesive properties and could easily be removed. Drugs could be incorporated and administered to the skin for the first time.

Hansaplast med, as partner to the pharmacist, contributes its heritage, knowledge and experience in wound healing and plaster technology as well as the Beiersdorf expertise in international brand building and marketing, to advance its segments in the pharmacies.
Hansaplast was introduced in 1922 under the motto “Beiersdorf’s first-aid gauze bandage”.


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